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Monday, September 15, 2008

Set your DVRs for Oprah already!

So the first thing I see on the television this morning ON THE VERY SAME DAY where Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch fall into oblivion AND The Dow is falling over 500 points---- is the following headline on MSNBC: "GOP calls for boycott of Oprah as she is shunning Palin".

To quote my favorite old cranky guy, Colonel Harry Potter from MASH: "Horsehockey!" While it is true that Oprah endorsed Barack Obama way back when---she long ago issued a statement that she would not have ANY of the candidates on the ticket on her show as it would be a conflict of interest.

Now I know this is a small battle, and a petty one at that....but one I am willing to fight and you can too! I have set my DVR to a "series" recording on Oprah so that Oprah's ratings will not go down or even go up.

I have awakened the rage within.

Set your DVRs today! Thank you very much. Luna Girl

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Sweva said...

I set it! I set it! Now what do I do?!?!