"There's not a Red America, or a Blue America, there's the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA." ---Barack Obama, 2004

Friday, September 19, 2008

Drow - ning In - de - ci - sion

I've really been enjoying, and frightened at the same time, by McSame's most recent confusion with the economy...among many of the other subject matter he's had confusion with in the past.

Let's see what his most recent comments have been:
  1. "The 'fundamentals' of the economy are strong..." When he said fundamentals, he was referring to people...the first person in the history of the English language to do so.
  2. Then, yesterday morning, he once again said "The economy is strong."
  3. He then came back in the afternoon and said "The economy is vulnerable."
Huh??? So how exactly can something be BOTH strong AND vulnerable?

It makes the economy sound "like a muscleman who refuses to wear a condom," as was stated by a fella on Comedy Central last night.

Before this man has a debate with Obama next week, he needs to finish the other debate he's in right now...with himself...because right now he's losing that debate.

I don't think he really knows where he's standing on ANY of the issues...let alone which country for which he's running for President. We all know it's not Spain...but does he?

Engine room, another cocktail please.

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