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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Obama appearing on FOX's "The O'Reilly Factor"

Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama is appearing on "O'Reilly's FEAR Factor," as I like to refer to it, which is airing in it's entirety early next week.

It looks like a bit of a fiery interview. You can catch a segment of it here:
Barack Obama On "The O'Reilly Factor"

This is my crackpot observation of the segment, as I don't watch this show very much: O'Reilly is anticipating an Obama Presidency. I'm obviously skewed on this subject, but I'm judging this by O'Reilly's reactions and what seems like a more toned down treatment in the interview (at least compared to his treatment of some of his other guests).

Maybe it's just out of respect, but there's something interesting going on there.

Is it me, or does it look like someone we know's trying to keep his debating skills sharp to prepare for the next two months?

Looking for this photo online? You won't find it...I used the new "snipping" feature on Windows Vista, which allows you to capture whatever's on your computer screen (pause the vids first).

I might actually use that more often in the future...it's a pretty handy tool.


Snow Dog said...

I don't understand why Barack would grant an interview to this windbag. Obama's trying to have a reasonable, rational conversation with somebody who is unreasonable and irrational, and who is only interested in making Obama look bad for his audience of imbeciles.

Do you notice how he's stretching it out over three days? And I guarantee he'll try to get Barack to lose his cool by constantly interrupting him and hitting him with very loaded questions.

Sweva said...

You might recall one of Obama's first statements, when he announced his candidacy, was that if he lost the election it would be due to his failure to communicate his ideas to the American people.

I see this as part of that effort...and yes, O'Reilly's definitely a nutjob...but this should at least win Obama some admirers out there.

He's probably trying to expose himself, in a good-faith effort, to those on the right. It appears through the interview segment that he's trying to convey his approach to international relations and Iraq.

It probably goes without saying, however, that much of it - if not all of it - is completely in vain. You can explain it to them, but you can't make them understand it.

Needless to say, there's LOTS of tough nuts to crack out there!

Sweva said...

P.S. - Great to have you on board Snow Dog!!! ...but where's By-Tor? Oh that's right, he retreated...the Neverworld is saved again!