"There's not a Red America, or a Blue America, there's the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA." ---Barack Obama, 2004

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama's greatest hits...watch it!

Having been a political junkie over the last couple of years, and after following the Obama campaign's every move, last night's infomercial seemed like more of "Obamas greatest hits."

However, for those who were getting familiar with Obama for the first time, it was perfectly crafted...check it out here...it's the most valuable 30 minutes you'll ever invest in.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The new party: the G.O.D.

Call it the Grand Old Dissolve...G.O.D. Fitting, huh?

I never thought I'd live to see this. The Republican Party is splintering apart -- literally -- before our very eyes. It's happening from top to bottom, and everywhere in between.

EVERYTHING is catching up to them...FINALLY. The campaigns of divisiveness and racism...the corruption and putting special interests ahead of the American people...the manufactured wars and lies...the shitting all over the environment...the political hubris...the self-righteousness and arrogance...the hijacking of elections, God and Christianity...the lack of compassion...and the lack of a moral compass.

Coming off the heels of Dubya is setting the table for a perfect storm...and then you add John McCain, who the party can't seem to decide to stand for or against...and factor in how his campaign refuses to tackle any of the issues facing Americans, and all the racism oozing from their campaign while in the world spotlight...THEN bring in the grand 'ol crook, Ted Stevens...THEN factor in allegations (some already proven and some not) of local races such as the Washington State Governor's race, in which Dino Rossi's campaign is being looked at for illegal contributions. Have I left anything out?

Yes, I believe I have.

The largest factor seems to be the great divide over Sarah Palin...either you're for her or against her. Interestingly enough, a hockey mom from Alaska could represent the final blow to usher in the dissolve of the Republican Party as we know it.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the Republicans to cleanse their party and salvage what soul they might have left.

There's serious questions now as to whether or not we'll be working with a two party system after this election cycle. So what do I say to this?

Stand back and let it play out...LET THE PARTY BURN TO THE FUCKING GROUND.

I'll happily throw gas on that fire as I dance around it...but I say it with a little bit of sadness, in that the Republican Party in my eyes is attached to Abraham Lincoln, our greatest President...but it has become something that wasn't what he envisioned: tolerant of racism.

The Republican Party was founded on those principles of ELIMINATING SLAVERY...so it seems to make sense to me that if that same party has become tolerant of racism, IT SHOULD DISSOLVE. Essentially, it has run its course.

America no longer has room for racist diarhhea anymore...so anything that embraces it SHOULD GO AWAY.

So, as Democrats and Independents, what is our job through all this?

Embrace national unity. In my opinion, we should give moral support to our colleagues as they go through the process of the G.O.D. and receive true defectors with open arms. When things start to reform, we should extend a helping hand to include people in the decision-making process.

While it's obviously a democracy, an attitude of trying to achieve a consensus would be refreshing.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Biden signs my book...thanks Joe!

I ended up at a rally today in Tacoma, Washington for Joe Biden...well, the rally was really for Chris Gregoire, Washington State's Governor, who's in a little trouble and needed a hand from the Obama campaign.

Well, I finished the event with a prize that I certainly didn't anticipate: I got a signature from the man himself.

As the start of the day, I didn't even expect to be attending the event due to 12 hours of moving furniture the day prior...and with a lower back that seems to have a mind of its own these days, I wasn't even sure I was going to get out of bed.

However I made it...in time to park and get in line...at a place called Cheney Stadium, no less!

I thought I'd add one more important detail about the voyage there...on my way out the door, I figured that I'd grab Biden's book Promises to Keep in case he'd be willing to sign it...that is, if the opportunity arose. I was partially kidding myself, thinking that there was no way such a thing would happen.

We arrived there around 11:30 and waited in a long line to get through security and in the door. There were no signs of protesters. Once we were in we made our way onto the field, and stood about three rows back from the podium on the grass.

There were over 14,000 in attendance at this rally today. You can see how close we were through the photos!

After Biden was finished, I tried to find a position ahead of the line he was progressing on to get a chance to say hello and hopefully have him sign the book.

I was right near the railing holding out the book at he was approaching, when a Secret Service Agent took the book from my hand without a word.

I didn't know what to think at first, wondering if perhaps they thought it represented some kind of threat to his safety (as if I was going to bop him over the head with it). I waited around the area for the next 10 minutes.

An official from the campaign finally arrived with a book and a banner in his hands...he handed the book to me, and I opened it to find Joe's signature on the inside page with the date of "10-18-08" written underneath...which was actually yesterday, but I'll give the fella a break as I'd imagine it's all very difficult to keep track of when you're in perpetual motion on the road in the last couple of weeks of a campaign.

What a cool guy.

Forget that I agree with his politics...the fact that he took the time and care to sign that book -- when he could have been using his time to address many more important matters -- is totally astonishing.

I have to give him TONS OF CREDIT especially for thinking of dating the book, which calls out a date approximately 2 weeks before the election...I take it as good energy from one thoughtful man to another... I was in gleeful shock and this made my day, to say the least...especially considering I woke up this morning not knowing if I was going to be attending the event.

I was personally very moved and touched by Mr. Biden's kindness. Very cool stuff...thanks Joe!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Does Joe the Plumber wear lipstick?

I just had to ask...

...but then I got my answer when I took a second look at his photo today.

The answer: NO. Apparently only pigs wear lipstick.


Obama secured the election tonight.

When McCain belittled the health exception with regard to abortion, in addition to his angry demeanor, HE BLEW IT.

...and we're not angry John; many of us are scared, worried, and depressed...so go shake your fist at another cloud...or go make more Halloween faces like you're doing in the pic here...nice costume, by the way.

Game, set, match...and Barack that's not being cocky, that's reality...so you be quiet too!

Barring something unforeseen, it's over...I CALL IT NOW.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Coping with racism towards your candidate

As we near election day -- and McCain's campaign stops seem to only get uglier with racist rhetoric -- it's something every Obama supporter's going to be forced to manage for themselves.

It's the stain on America that doesn't seem to want to go away...the skid mark that won't come out after 10 bleachings in the laundry.

It's called RACISM. And right now, it's no joke.

While we've known all along that it's been inevitable in this presidential race, part of us has wanted to simply wish it away -- just hoping that it won't rear its ugly head back, and therefore won't need to be dealt with.

Unfortunately that's naive and wishful thinking...and I'm as guilty as the next person.

April 15, 1947

First, I want to go back in time...to a day that occurred over 60 years ago...April 15, 1947. The place: Ebbetts Field in Brooklyn, New York. Some of you out there know where I'm going with this.

That was the day that the color barrier was broken in baseball by Jackie Robinson. It was seen as more of an issue of curiosity at the time among whites...and while it meant everything to the black community then, today its meaning is viewed as monumental as any event in the course of human drama.

I wouldn't say I'm a student of Jackie Robinson...however I believe I have a sense of his character, and I am certainly aware of the hardships he went through in the process of integrating baseball.

I go on the record stating that I am full-blodded Anglo, just so you know the source...but also bear in mind that after having worked in a tribal setting for 4 years, I understand what reverse-racism is...and that being said, I still know that IT'S NOT THE SAME THING. So take that for what it's worth.

At the time Robinson came into baseball, it universally understood at the time that -- in the saddest and most horrible of phrases -- he had the weight of the black race on his shoulders, so to speak. Branch Rickey, the GM of the Dodgers, chose Robinson to do this based not only on his abilities, but mainly his character. However, he had to promise Rickey that when he was antagonized by other players that he wouldn't fight back for 3 years.

The abuse and pressure on Robinson during this process was unrelenting. Robinson experienced racism in many different forms...the heckling and name calling from dugouts and the stands...a black cat that
was released onto the field right before a game...and the way runners would slide into the base with their spikes in the air, laying open Robinson's thigh.

What Jackie Robinson successfully endured -- keeping his dignity firmly intact while others around him stooped into the darkest of places -- was probably the most unfair burden put on any human being in modern history...bearing that unimaginable pressure essentially killed him...he didn't live long after his baseball career.

That's why we see #42 hanging from the rafters and walls of every ballpark, an honor that was granted on April 15, 1997, on the 50th anniversary of Jackie Robinson taking the field.

Watching and living with Jackie through his pain and struggles, it's probably fair to say that mostly blacks bore the brunt of those times...so that being said, I want to fast forward to the present.

November 4, 2008

I believe, whether or not we see it, that Obama bears a similar pressure to that of Jackie Robinson...whether he wins OR loses on November 4...but most definitely if he wins the election.

I parallel what Obama is doing right now with what Jackie Robinson did back in 1947...there's some obvious differences, such as one setting involving baseball while another involves presidential politics.

If you look closer at these scenarios, however, you'll see that they aren't really that different. In both scenarios, a color barrier is being broken for the first time...and don't tell me that Robinson's debut in Ebbett's Field wasn't political. It was simply macro politics on a different stage. It still represented, as does Obama's accomplishments, accounts that embrace the advancement of our society.

There's one big difference this time, however.

Instead of just focusing on the black race, the effects of racism now involve all of America. Nobody's immune anymore. Accounts of racism against Obama are felt from all of Obama's supporters, and then some.

How do we deal with it?

Contending with racism is tough stuff for me and others that I know -- I know and maintain friendships with whites, blacks, Asians, hispanics, and native Americans -- who think of racism as a crock of diarrhea, which it is.

It's a dark, dark place for a person to go...but people go there, whether it's blatant or cloaked. Like it or not, be it family, friends, co-workers, someone on the street, or someone at a campaign rally, YOU WILL BE CONFRONTED WITH IT.

So what are the tools we should use to deal with it?

At first, you want to take on racism with a biting rage and anger, to snuff it out and shame it...maybe even pound it into the ground. These circumstances we are seeing, however -- racism bubbling to the surface in the media spotlight on a macro level -- are something new...and we have to adjust to the reality of what's happening, and understand why it's happening.

Here's my theory. The specter of an Obama presidency feeds deeply into the fears of some in this country. Some folks see a black president as a reflection of our country's identity being "tainted black" if you will...again, another sad statement. While I would like to believe most of these sentiments are harbored in the South, it's probably more realistic to assume they spider out to any area that was affected by the Civil War (that's based on personal experience...a conversation for another day).

For those of us who aren't racist and believe in Democratic values -- we just need to take a step back -- and take a deep breath. We do everything we can to receive the ugly divisiveness and racism of a losing campaign, and whatever comes after it, as something we should try to understand and respond to with patience and understanding -- with great practice...and great patience.

Don't get me wrong...these are exciting and historic times. There's some incredible things happening right now in our lifetime, and I feel honored to witness the increasing possibility that a black President will enter the White House...it's really cool, cool stuff. Spine-chilling cool.

...but as we take each blow with Obama as yet another nut job pipes up, I believe we will eventually -- I don't know when, but eventually -- turn a corner on the issues of racism that have plagued this country for years...and arrive to a place where we've never been before. A GOOD PLACE.

However, it might just be a bit painful getting there...and we have to prepare ourselves in how to react to racism when it confronts us. I believe we must listen to those who are fearful, and let them speak out. We should try to understand what drives their fear, and turn it into an ongoing conversation.

If we listen to each other and if people feel like they're being heard, then we can keep a conversation moving in a positive direction...and that puts us one step closer to knowing a world where racism is a thing of the past.

We must keep talking about this.

Friday, October 10, 2008


So how's that Hail Mary pass treating you, John?



What was that you said?

Oh yes, that's right.

So you and your staff did absolutely nothing to vett your Veep nominee before giving her the nod, and now IT'S COMPLETELY BITING YOU IN THE ASS.

Today is a day of serene beauty and poetic justice.

A state legislature report in Alaska just determined that Gov. and Republican Veep Sarah Palin abused the power of her office.

You can follow the developing story HERE at CNN.

Needless to say, this is damaging to the McCain campaign. Palin has now officially become more of a liability than an asset...as if she still had any value as an asset left in her to begin the day, she certainly isn't ending the day with any.

You know? This ride to election day is becoming most entertaining and fun...let's just see if we can riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide this wave through next week.

The queen has just been captured...the king's in check again, and we're moving closer to "checkmate."

Thursday, October 9, 2008

McCain's Temper

It's worth your time to check this out...another reason to not put McCain in the White House.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ELECTION COUNTDOWN -- T-minus 4 weeks!

Four weeks from today, we will vote for a new President. It's shocking, really, that it's that close...we're less than a month away. It will be here in nearly the blink of an eye.

Also just as important, we will also vote for new Senators and new Congressional seats.

If the polls maintain in Obama's favor the way they have over the last three weeks, it might make sense to focus on the effect you can have for Capitol Hill and filling those seats with Democrats and left-minded Independents.

If you don't know already, find out who your Senators and Representatives are and see what you can do. Every little bit matters, and you can have a much greater impact as an individual with those races.

Saying you're too busy or don't have time is NO EXCUSE. That's total hogwash. You can make time.

You do the math...can you spend the next four weeks investing in your future for the next 4-6 years? Because that's essentially what you're doing...you don't really need to crunch the numbers...so seek out your Senators and Reps and make some calls to ask how you can help.

Good luck, my fellow electioneers, and go out there and start doing your stuff!

Keating Economics

The video about McCain that EVERYONE should see...grab a cup of coffee and check it out.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Saucy Sarah sasses...AND GETS CLOCKED

What was that? The gloves are off? Oh no, look out now! We didn't see that coming now, did we?

Sarah, you're sooooo sauuuuuuucy! Or is it sassy? Can you be saucy AND sassy at the same time? She can, I guess.

Keith Olbermann was on total fire tonight! Here's the link to the Huffington Post, showing the MSNBC video and his
"special comment" on Countdown.

Nothing like seeing "Saucy Sarah" get clocked with a cream pie in the face.

Oh Sarah, quit your sassin'.

Hey Sarah Palin! I'm so F@%kin' scared of you...

We'll see if I can embed this properly....

Yahooooooo! Enjoy.

P.S. - R-rated for language!

If McCain wants to go nuclear, BRING IT ON

There's less than a month left before the election, and the never-ending horror movie that is the economy continues to spin out of control...even after nearly ONE TRILLION of our tax dollars have left our pockets to be pissed into the black hole.

Oh, and for the record; when it comes to presidential campaigns, the GLOVES ARE OFF. Palin said it herself...nothing is off limits now.

So that being said, I guess I have to take my gloves off too. When it comes to campaign issues the McCain campaign loses on EVERY SINGLE FRONT, such as:
  • Fresh ideas.
  • The debates.
  • Not calling your wife the C word.
  • Adultery...repeatedly.
  • Character. (uhhh, you think?)
  • Intelligence.
  • Senility.
  • Sanity.
  • Veep candidacy.
  • Veep scandal investigation interference.
  • Judgment.
  • Temperament.
  • Truthfulness.
  • The economy.
  • Reacting to the economy like a calm leader should.
  • Age.
  • Alcohol abuse.
  • Drug addiction.
  • Good intentions.
  • Not saying "Doggonit!"
  • That's a list off the top...there's more and more and more...

So...let's think about this. If you're running for President, and you're facing that sort of deck being stacked against you, what do you do?

You go nuclear and bark at everything like the local junkyard dog. You fire all your missiles blindly and erratically into the dark at anything that moves; perceived, real, or imagined through the warped kaleidoscope of delusion...and without considering the future cost to your own political career.

Only there's one thing: YOU BETTER BE SURE.

You better be sure you know who your opponent is. You better be sure you know the level of his determination, intelligence, savvy, preparedness, and resourcefulness...and that of the people he's surrounded himself with in his campaign...oh, and the same might be said about his supporters too! ;>)

If you live in a glass house (or seven of them), you better be prepared for lots of broken glass if you start throwing rocks.
You better be five steps ahead of your opponent, with numerous alternative strategies waiting in the wings...oops, that's right, the McCain campaign has only ONE option.

Again, if the gloves are off, then it goes both ways...NOTHING is off limits.

If the McCain campaign wants their opposition to focus more on just the issues, I'm sure they're happy to do that...but only if they and the GOP decide they want to move in that direction first, which doesn't appear to be very likely.

So if you decide to go nuclear when your king's in check and your time is running out, you better know what you're doing...and do it really, really, really well...and really, really really accurately...and really, really, really fast.

The clock's still ticking...we're 10 more seconds closer to Nov. 4...oh, there's 5 more seconds.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

There's No Good Reason NOT to vote for Obama...

Have you seen this guy's video about voting for Obama??? (The video is below...It is 7 minutes of time well spent.) This union guy is full of fire and passion for Obama and he is addressing the very real possibility of his union workers' racism translating into not voting for Obama.

Richard Trumka just skewers those racist notions! There ARE no good reasons not to vote for Obama....Mr. Trumka gets so fired up and that even brings a tear to my eye toward the end. I made Mr. LunaGirl watch this video this morning----and he could appreciate the impact of this man's words to that audience.

I think here in the Pacific Northwest we are a little removed from the overt racism in the rust belt and can feel good that most people we know, white and otherwise, are voting for OBAMA with enthusiasm and pride. 30 days!!!

Props to you, Mr. Trumka! GObama!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Blind Spots

Today's a good day.

While it seemed like a rather uneventful debate last night with no knockout punches or serious Palin goofs, I believe it represents more than meets the eye.

I give the debate to Biden on the substance...Palin had no substance, and I could tell she ran into what I call "blind spots."

Blind spots, in public speaking terms, usually occur when you either need to cram for an engagement, are overloaded, caught off guard, unprepared, or just plain nervous.

I know about this from my experience in my early days as a city planner, when I was uncomfortable with public speaking and had to go before the planning commission and city council in public hearings. You get to the podium, and draw a complete blank on certain subjects that aren't in your notes...or a question catches you off guard...so you tend to conjur up what you know, and keep going back to it.

I could see that happening to Palin last night...I could see it in her face, in addition to what she was saying (Colorado Jyms calls these "software loops" over at The Rant from Boulder).

The only difference between my job experience and Palin's debating was that I didn't have the luxury of going off-topic, and I had better know what I was talking about. I didn't have the luxury of knowing what questions I was going to be asked in advance of the meeting...and I didn't have the luxury of spewing fluff out of my mouth. If I goofed big, my job could easily be on the line.

The Obama campaign scored a BIG victory in the Veep debate...by all accounts, Palin had very little if no impact...and now the focus shifts back to the front runners, and Obama is up in the polls with a month left before the election. He has the wind of the economic issues blowing his momentum from behind.

The specter of a McCain presidency seems to keep slipping away, day by day.

Today's a good day.