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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hey Dubya, is THIS LEFT angry enough for ya? Choke on your own words!

Originally posted this last week at RANT FROM BOULDER & BELLEVUE during the Republican National Convention

I must admit that Poopy Prez hasn't been on my radar as of late, in case any of you have been following along.

I think many of us, with our attention focused on the days leading up to this fall's election, are simply trying to put him and what I call the "Train Wreck Presidency" in the back of our minds and ride out the mess until the exterminator (Father Time, a.k.a. 1/20/2009) arrives to rid us of the cockroaches inhabiting the White House.

So tonight, I thought I'd behave like a "real" Independent and pay some attention to the GNC for amusement purposes, if nothing else. BTW, I'm in NO sense of the word a Lieberman Indy.

So very little was going on, and then W came on via satellite from the White House...and said the following: "If the Hanoi Hilton cannot break John McCain's resolve, you can bet he has the resolve to survive the ANGRY LEFT."

Caaaaaaan you rewind that and repeat please?

...the "Angry Left?"......huh? Say what? WTF is that all about?

What in the hell does that mean? Who or what exactly is this "angry left?" ...opposed to the "Happy Left?" (oh, I know soooo many of those). Is this "Angry Left" a driver who flipped off his motorcade in D.C. the other day as they ran a red light at an intersection? A North Vietnamese torturer? ...or would a confused and disgruntled man named Lieberman at the RNC tonight fall under that category?

If Bush is referring to what HE SEES as liberal voters (among many other voters from all walks of life) who don't agree with his atrocious policies over the last eight years --- and the folks who simply didn't agree with Iraq who W, Rove, Cheney, and many in the GOP cast as unpatriotic demons (along with those who originally supported the war and then changed their minds after they realized they'd been duked with a WMD disappearing act) --- if he's by some ghost of a chance referring to Independents like me who don't want to see the planet trashed, and are activists protesting his destructive policies (including THIS blog:
SWEVA'S P-PATCH) --- if he's referring to those who don't believe in the U.S. employing torture methods stemming back to the Spanish Inquisition, and the existence of Guantanamo Bay itself --- if he's deeply reflecting how he sat on his hands while the assault weapons ban expired, literally killing more police officers ever since --- if he's musing on how the health care system is in the toilet and the many families with FULL COVERAGE it destroyed (mine included) who were nothing but fiscally conservative their whole lives just to bear an unimaginable financial burden of medical bills and silently struggle to avoid a helpless slide towards a life of poverty, working frightened into their golden years and a serious illness away from a doomsday scenario --- if he's referring to veterans on the street that the government has the responsibility (and refuses) to care for, soldiers coming home in body bags (including a HS classmate of mine), and peeps throwing his "Mission Accomplished" stunt back in his face --- if he's talking about those who oppose the Bush family's ties to Big SpOil, and how he doesn't hold big business accountable while companies like ENRON do anything but play by the rules of the road --- if he's talking about those crying for help (and yes, their lives too) in Katrina, who he kept screwing ten ways to Sunday MONTHS after the disaster through mismanagement and empty, broken promises --- if he might be referring to voiced opposition to his No Child Left Behind joke that holds guns at teachers heads without supporting them with funding --- if W is referring to those women who don't believe the government has any business in their womb --- if he's considering what he thinks all us peeps must be fabricating as corruption, mass deception, lies, ignorance, cronyism, arrogance, and nose-thumbing from the Oval Office --- and if W is comparing anyone who has left-leaning political views and disagrees with his policies, vocal or otherwise, to that of North Vietnamese torturers, like he did tonight in textbook demonizing Dubya fashion --- then yes..............I guess that I'd imagine that there might be an "Angry Left" out there somewhere that's a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT upset. So fuck you, George W. Bush...stick your abysmal failure of a Presidency in your lunch and CHOKE ON IT!

...but wait, he's already been choking on it! ...as you'll see here:
George Bush chokes

Comments like that are textbook GOP and textbook W. I realize I'm not helping that much with my response in this post, but a comment like his tonight required a strong response...and he's the President, I'm not.

It's yet another compelling reason why the vision and mindset in the White House needs to change from that of a hypocritical, divisive, and moronic leadership to that which is uniting and forward-thinking to address the issues of tomorrow.

I hope for W's sake (and America's) that the evil demons haunting his sleep decide to lay off a little as the clock counts down to 1/20/2009.

Assuming I'm following his twisted rhetoric from tonight, the "Left" and it's "anger" will die to a large degree with W's unconscionable train wreck of a Presidency, assuming voters do the right thing this year and vote for Obama and a different direction for America.

But what do I know? I'm guessing I'm just part of this "Angry Left" scheme that Bush so elegantly described tonight...so do you wanna know how I really feel?

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