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Friday, January 9, 2009

Cry me a f'n river...FREAK!

Soon to be impeached Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, in a press conference today, decided to read us some poetry.

How touching.

It was also beyond the Great Unknown in terms of bizarre. REALLY BIZARRE...possibly the weirdest press conference I've ever witnessed from a politician.

The press conference was his "artful reaction" to the Illinois State House of Representatives voting in favor of articles of impeachment with respect to a mounting case of evidence that he tried to sell Barack Obama's vacant Senate seat following the election last Nov. 4.

The guy was all over the map. He lined up a group of citizens (apparently from Illinios and affected by health care issues - I don't want to imagine how that group was assembled) and pontificated about health care pitfalls on the part of the State House.

I even heard him mutter the word "pap smear" in the press conference. Uhh, yeah.

Some of the talking heads think he's a political mastermind at messing with the political landscape right now...personally, I think he's simply delusional.

I don't believe this fella is working with a full deck. In any event, it should be obvious that the sooner this character is kicked out of office, the better.

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