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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yes, the World hates you Sarah. That's why you feel this way.

The GOP's Cruella DeVille wannabe, Sarah Palin, is at it again...this time it's with a late night talk show host.

Really? Is that the best you can do? Really? Really? Really?

Ohhh Sarah.

Once again, Sarah Palin and her husband are either the most moronic idiots of this early 21st Century, or they're struggling for an opportunity to stay in the media spotlight by manufacturing drama that began with David Letterman joking about her in his nightly Top 10 list this past week.

Uh, it was a joke, Sarah...even if part of it involved your daughter.

No, the other daughter...the one that HAD the baby.

Instead, of course, the Palins reacted to Letterman's self-proclaimed bad taste by calling him a petifile and putting the spotlight on their 14-year-old daughter...the one Letterman DIDN'T include in his joke.

The Palins have brought this on themselves. The daughters wouldn't be in the spotlight if the parents hadn't marched them onto the stage like royalty during the GOP convention in Minneapolis last year.

Moreover, Sarah, the status of how the World hates you (minus the brainwashed or insane mini-sectors of the right-wing freak show) is utterly and completely of your own undoing. Cause and effect. It also probably has something to do with your over-the-top reaction to jokes coming from a talk show host, and your defensive posture.


The Palins should assess the structural integrity of your own glass house before throwing rocks...but you're not going to do that, Sarah, are you?

Well then, you have a loooooooooooong and torturous road ahead of you. Good luck with it...oh, and try laughing about things like this sometimes. You might live longer.

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