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Monday, May 11, 2009

Long Live Dick's Jaw Flappin' Tour!

After Obama's inauguration last February, as Bush Era torture talk began to spin hither and tither, many of us who were not Bush supporters (to put it beyond polite) would see Cheney's face on the television here and there defending his administration.

At first it came across as annoying, but not many of us were surprised. When it comes to our "special li'l Dick," we all know what sort of egomaniac we're dealing with.

However over time, Dick's Jaw Flappin' Tour of endless pro-Bush Era defensiveness has morphed into diatribes and rhetoric that could bring down the whole house.

He seems to operate like clockwork these days...whenever something pipes up (or someone) regarding the issue of torture as it relates to Guantanamo and the Bush presidency, some jaw flappin' from Dick isn't far behind.

His tone keeps growing more defensive and bitter...and with it, he keeps revealing more information about who made what decisions as it pertains to torture. Just recently, he has essentially implicated Bush himself as a decision-maker who knowingly called shots regarding torture.

Everything he states in interviews only digs the ditch deeper...remember, it's all admissable in court. If he keeps it up, he could expose the whole Bush Administration on war crimes and accounts of torture.

So keep it up, Dick! Please!

Oh, and can you send me that Oroville Redenbacker coupon you promised me? I need to stock up on all the popcorn I'm going to need when the war crimes trials begin.

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