"There's not a Red America, or a Blue America, there's the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA." ---Barack Obama, 2004

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama's win is an indescribable feeling

It's difficult for me to absorb the feeling I had when I woke up this morning, or even to describe it.

As I awoke, all I could hear were victory trumpets going off in my head...you know, like the ones from King Arthur, being blown by those duke dudes in tights with feathers in their hat?

Shut up...you know what I mean.

I opened the window and all the little creatures in the woods were waving at me as they danced in a circle holding hands.

Not really...but it certainly feels that way!

It's a beautiful day...my heart feels fuller than it has in a long, long time. Hope has prevailed.

It's a feeling that's been hard fought and won. After knocking on all those doors...after raising more than $1,500 for Obama's campaign...after representing him as a 41st District representative in the primary...after all the caucusing...after all the days of frustration...after all the days of not knowing what the future would bring...after pining over the future of the planet...after suffering the loss of a classmate in Iraq...after the thieves left us standing in our living rooms with an empty bag in our hands in 2000...after a razor-edged steel toed kick in the balls in 2004...after screaming in anger and pain all the way to work the following morning the day after...

...after going through all that...all that garbage...after being beat down so hard again, again, and again...so hard that you can't look up anymore...


The dawn of a new day has come. I have a little more steam in my stride today.

Oh, and when the sun rose today, it looked like the Obama logo coming over the hill...how about that?

Not really.

Now the REAL WORK begins...let's get busy! Hop to it!!!


kimmus122 said...

Although I never had a razor edged kick in the balls (really, that really happened?), I can relate to how you are feeling. It's somewhat indescribable!

It is kind of like that feeling I had on Christmas when I was a kid and everything seemed magical and wonderful. I hope this feeling lasts for a long time. Today is going to be a glorious day. And I hope the next 8 years are glorious years.

Sweva said...

Yes...visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads.

The kick in the nuts is a male metaphor for how a friend and I felt the day after the 2004 election...it actually came out of a conversation with a friend living in Tucson at the time.

That's the best description of how that election felt...like a sharp boot to the groin...with a twist and salt thrown in for good measure.

I will suffice to say that 2008 feels muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better.